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  • Child Adoption Chart
    Child Adoption Chart
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    Other Services Nová Lesná (Prešov Region) 04/11/2023
    Unlock the secrets of parenthood with Dr. Vinay Bajrangi's astrology guidance. Whether you're considering adoption or planning to conceive, our consultation services offer invaluable insights. Child Adoption Chart Analysis the ideal path to building ...
  • Ancestral Property Prediction Astrologer
    Ancestral Property Prediction Astrologer
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    Other Services Nová Lesná (Prešov Region) 17/05/2023
    Seeking accurate predictions for your ancestral property? Look no further! Dr. Vinay Bajrangi, the renowned Ancestral Property Prediction Astrologer, is here to assist you. With years of experience and expertise, Dr. Bajrangi has helped numerous indi...
  • Benefits of rudraksha by astrology
    Benefits of rudraksha by astrology
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    Other Services Nová Lesná (Prešov Region) 01/05/2023
    Rudraksha is a type of seed commonly used in Hinduism and Buddhism for spiritual and healing purposes. It is believed to have various Benefits of rudraksha by astrology, including stress relief, enhanced concentration and focus, protection from negat...
  • Mangal Dosha Effects
    Mangal Dosha Effects
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    Other Services Nová Lesná (Prešov Region) 24/04/2023
    Dr. Vinay Bajrangi can provide you with insights into the various factors that may be contributing to the delay in marriage. He specializes in analyzing the effects of Mangal Dosha on marriage and can offer guidance on how to mitigate its impact. Whe...
  • Love astrology Calculator
    Love astrology Calculator
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    Other Services Nová Lesná (Prešov Region) 21/04/2023
    Looking for a trusted astrologer to guide you in matters of the heart? Look no further than Dr. Vinay Bajrangi! With years of experience in love marriage astrology, Dr. Bajrangi is the go-to expert for all your relationship questions. Using his Love ...
  • Success in family business
    Success in family business
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    Other Services Nová Lesná (Prešov Region) 18/04/2023
    Success in family business requires consideration of both familial and business dynamics. Astrology can offer insight into these factors, including the placement of planets in the second and fourth houses of the birth chart. Harmonious relationships ...
  • Impact of Sunapha Yoga in Astrology
    Impact of Sunapha Yoga in Astrology
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    Other Services Nová Lesná (Prešov Region) 14/04/2023
    Sunapha Yoga is a powerful planetary combination in Vedic astrology that can have a significant impact on an individual's life. This analysis offers a comprehensive approach to examining the impact of Sunapha Yoga in an individual's birth chart. Usin...
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